Wide Shoes for Kids: They Do Exist

Aug 19th, 2011 by John Almodovar | Be The First To Comment

Kids Have Wide Feet Too!

Little Girl with Wide FeetKids’ feet come in all shapes and sizes so when it comes time to purchase a new pair of kids’ shoes, parents need to be aware that it’s extremely important to have your children’s feet measured. Why – because your children may have wide feet.  Unfortunately, brick-and-mortar stores don’t typically carry wide sizes in kids, so they tend to steer parents in the wrong direction by recommending that they purchase one size up, which means longer shoes (the width won’t change much). This is wrong. Kids with wide feet should wear shoes in wide sizes because it’s imperative for the health of their feet; especially since shoes can play an important role in the development of growing feet. By wearing right sized shoes children could avoid painful, unhealthy foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, arch pain, calluses, and ball of foot pain – just to name of few.

So parents, please be mindful about the size of your children’s feet before purchasing new shoes. Below is a list of things to remember.

  • Have your kid’s feet measured at least every 6 months, especially before purchasing a new pair of shoes.
  • Don’t have your kids wear shoes that are one size up to accommodate their wide feet. If you do, the shoes will just be longer, the width won’t change much. And make sure to shop where wide sizes are offered. Online stores like HealthyFeetStore.com carry a great selection of wide children’s shoes.
  • Sometimes children’s feet grow narrow, even though they start off wide. Remember, kids are constantly growing and their feet are always changing as they mature.
  • Socks can play an important role since their designs vary from thick to thin materials. If shoes are tight, try having your kids wear thinner socks; but, if your kids are already accustomed to wearing thicker socks, you might have to keep that into consideration when selecting what size to go with.
  • An Extra Wide (X-Wide) kid’s shoe is only ¼” wider than a normal Wide (W).


Wide Shoes for Kids


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