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2011 was another fantastic year for our blog.  We’re proud with the amount of information we’ve been able to share with you about foot health, foot care, and the latest footwear products offered at We’re extremely excited to begin a new year with you and hope that 2012 can be just as good, or even better, as last year.

Below, you’ll find our 10 most popular blogs of 2011:

Shoe Widths 1011. Shoe Widths 101

Do you have wide feet and need help selecting the correct width? Are you confused about the various shoe widths and what sizes are offered for bigger sized feet? If so, you’ll want to read on …

2. Diabetic Wound Care Shoes

Diabetic Wound Care ShoesHave you recently had foot surgery and need a post operative shoe to off-load pressure? Do you or a loved one have diabetic foot ulcers or lesion of the foot? Read about products that can help …

3. Fall Prevention InformationFall Prevention Information

If you’re a senior and have problems with footing at home, there’s important information that can help you stay on your feet. Read about fall prevention and what house shoes are recommended …

4. Love Your Skin

Love Your SkinDo you love your feet?  If so, do you love them enough to take care of them so that they’re well hydrated, smooth and healthy? Learn how to combat dry skin, calluses, cracked heels, and more …

5. Top 5 Foot Care Products of 2010

Dr.'s Remedy Nail PolishFoot care products are really important when it comes to gaining and maintaining healthy feet. See our top 5 foot care products of 2010 and read why our customers love them so much …

6. Enjoy Earth Day Weekend

Family enjoying the outdoorsEarth Day is a great day to spend outside, enjoy great weather, and partake in fun activities.  But in order to really enjoy the outdoors, you need to start thinking about what shoes to wear …

7. Flat Feet Treatment Tips for Warm Weather

Foot massageGet your flat feet ready for warm weather.  Read how foot strengthening exercises can help reduce excessive pronation all while increasing strength in the arches of the feet …

8. Flip Flop Sandals: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Unhealthy Flip Flop SandalAre you a flip flop sandal wearer? If so, it’s imperative that you read this blog since most conventional flip flops are unhealthy to wear. Learn what to look for in a well made flip flop sandal

9. Get Moving This May

Family exercising togetherNational Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a wonderful time for friends and family to exercise together. It’s also a great time to jump-start a new fitness plan to improve your health …

10. Pro-Tec Athletics: Ankle and Achilles Tendon Support

Pro-Tec AthleticsDo you seek ankle support to help your athletic performance? Do you have an ankle sprain or ankle pain? Read about Pro-Tec Athletics foot care products that offer support and comfort …


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  1. Lucas said:

    i just use my cleats and add ineslos. u can buy ones with arch support. when u add ineslos it makes any shoe a good shoe. my doctor recomended them for me because of my flat feet. u can get them almost anywhere. most drug stores have them. and they can be removed.