Surviving Summer Foot Odor

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Summer is upon us and it’s time to flaunt those pretty feet! One can never get enough of sun soaked skin, flip-flops, sun glasses and pool parties during summer, but keep in mind that feet take a beating during summer and need a little more pampering than what they usually do. It’s not uncommon to experience foot odor during summers. One of the reasons for this is that feet sweat during the warm weather days, as a result of which bacteria get collected in the interiors of the shoe causing the feet to smell. A lot of people switch to wearing flats and open-toed footwear thinking fresh air will keep the bad smell away. Yes this may help but not for long, in the middle of the summer foot odor could come back to haunt you! By keeping your feet and footwear clean, you can keep away from stinking feet. Follow these simple tips and your feet will be ready to go out and kiss the sunshine.

1. Wash your feet regularly: Most people wear flip-flops and flats during summer. Open-toed footwear is definitely comfortable during warm weather days, but along with that comes the risk of your feet coming in contact with different types of bacteria. So, it is important that you wash your feet daily with PedFix Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Soap and dry them completely. Both these foot care products are available at the for an affordable price. Don’t forget to wipe the area between your toes, dampness helps bacteria breed so depriving them of it will keep them away. This way your feet will be free of odor in flip-flops as well as shoes.

2. Keep your footwear clean: Enjoying a warm summer day usually leads to walking around on various surfaces outdoors. This means your feet will sweat more often, resulting in foot odor, and there will be more chances of your footwear collecting bacteria. To get rid of this, make sure you wash them thoroughly on a regular basis throughout the summer. Different types of footwear need different ways of cleaning. For example, to remove the foot odor from sneakers simply sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe and leave it over night and pour it out in the morning. In case of flip-flops and plastic sandals, wash them in lukewarm water with soap. Make sure you clean the edges and toe thongs (If any) thoroughly, these are the primary breeding places for the bacteria. Some footwear are washing-machine friendly, in this case just toss them into the washer and let them air dry.

3. Change Insoles after they are worn out: We all have a favorite pair of shoes which we never want to part ways with, but at times when the insoles gather too much sweat and if they are not washable you have no option left but to dispose them. Well, here’s the good news! sells a variety of orthotic friendly insoles which can be replaced with the present ones. One of my personal favorites is the Piggy Pillows insoles for flip flops. They not only cushion your feet but also keep them dry, as they are made with antimicrobial fabric which makes them perfect for summers. These insoles can be inserted into flip flops, thongs, sandals or shoes.

4. Powder your footwear regularly to prevent the foot odor: Sweat is what causes foot odor, so it’s important to keep your feet dry. Sprinkle your footwear with Odor Control and Antibacterial Foot Powder-On Your Toes available at This is a doctor recommended odor eliminator; it kills the bacteria on your feet and footwear that cause foot odor.

5. Summer foot soaks: Your feet need most pampering during summer. At times, when you hardly have time for an elaborate saloon pedicure home remedies are the best alternatives. A simple lemon foot soak can help you get rid of that bothering foot odor. Take a bowl of water, preferable warm mix it with the juice of one lemon and soak your feet for twenty minutes in it. Now dry your feet thoroughly, fill the juiced lemons with the foot scrub of your choice and use them to buff your heels. Finish this home pedicure with a relaxing foot cream. The Dead Sea Foot Cream from Naot is a therapeutic and hypo-allergenic foot cream, the best thing about this foot cream is the anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil disinfect and prevent cracking and itching.

By following the above listed precautionary measures, you will be able to keep your feet in the best of their health. After all, healthy feet are the foundation for a healthy mind and body! Visit for quality summer foot care products.


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