Summer is Coming: Treat Your Feet to Comfortable Sandals

Mar 21st, 2015 by Jilna | 3 Comments So Far

Summer is quickly approaching, you should already be shopping for your new summer footwear! First things first, you don’t want to be stuck in expensive and uncomfortable sandals this summer. You SP-YumiSnake-39549-smallshould never have to sacrifice style for comfort when buying sandals. Let’s admit, no one wants to spend money on sandals that you can’t walk comfortably in, right? This summer is all about freshly manicured toes and flip flops that are comfortable and stylish. Get the support you need in a pair of Spenco Total Support sandals.

Spenco Total Support Sandals are not your ordinary flip flops. All Spenco sandals are anatomically contoured to improve your spenco mensfoot health and comfort. This means you can walk pain free all summer long! You will find that these sandals have a variety of features designed to minimize foot pain, leaving your feet feeling energized and rejuvenated. New summer styles are available now for men and women at


Spenco Total Support Sandals have these features:



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3 Comments on “Summer is Coming: Treat Your Feet to Comfortable Sandals”

  1. Jordan said:

    Those shoes look incredibly comfortable! It’s great that there is such a variety of footwear to help those who need the extra support. It’s great that they come in a variety of styles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jilna said:


    You’re welcome! I speak from experience when I say that Spenco sandals are extremely comfortable! They are definitely worth trying.


  3. Tina Arora said:

    First of all, thanks Jilna for sharing your wonderful experience.

    I am not trying “Spenco Total Support Sandals”. I think you are right but recently, I have purchased Crocs “Really Sexi Flip Sandal Women” shoes from These shoes are very slim, light weight, comfortable and stylish also. Price is too high but quality is very good.