Quiz: What’s Your Sandal Style?

Mar 5th, 2013 by Jenna Goldberg | Be The First To Comment

 Whats your sandal style

1. You wear your favorite pair of sandals when you…

a. Are being active with family

b. Run errands or work on projects at home

c. Grab lunch

d. Wear a spring dress or dress shorts


2. What do you look for in sandals?

a. Cushion

b. Laid back look

c. Adjustable comfort

d. Style


3. I shop for sandals for:

a. After a workout

b. Vacation

c. Cruising around town

d. Semi dress occasions


4. I need sandals that are suitable for:

a. Active lifestyle

b. Kicking back and relaxing

c. Walking

d. Eating dinner out (without getting disapproving looks)


5. Weekend plans usually include:

a. Sports events

b. Peaceful, low-key activities

c. Exploring, seeing new sites

d. Enjoying the finer things in life


If you answered mostly A’s: Slide Sandal

Slide sandals offer comfort and casual style, great for after a workout or an outdoor event. They’re easy to slide on when you head out the door, and just as easy to slide off when you’re ready to jump in the pool or feel the grass between your toes.


Slide Sandals


If you answered mostly B’s: Thong Sandal

The classic thong sandal is the ultimate relaxed footwear- what other sandal is named after the sound it makes? Flip….flop….flip….flop. They’re a must-pack item for vacation, and the perfect sandals for enjoying a day at the beach. Potentially the fastest footwear to put on and take off, the thong sandal can have you out the door to run errands or pick up the kids.

Thong Sandals Men and Women

If you answered mostly C’s: Adjustable Strap Sandal

You’re not the type to just sit back and relax, you enjoying getting out there and seeing the sites! Adjustable strap sandals are ideal for walking long distances, whether you’re shopping around town or on a trip. Easily adjust sandal straps for a comfortable fit throughout the day. Adjustable straps around the ankle and heel also add support and prevent foot fatigue, so you can keep moving.

Adjustable sandals

If you answered mostly D’s: Wedge/ Heel Sandal (Women), Fisherman Sandal (Men)

Ladies, nothing says spring and summer to you like a easy breezy dress and a cute wedge sandal. Make the warm weather official with a heel or wedge sandal that shows off your pedicure on casual Friday or enjoying a night out. Stylish wedge and heel sandals show off your personal style while your toes enjoy the breeze.

For the guys, you want a sandal you can wear out to dinner without catching disapproving looks. You want comfort without crossing the line. That’s why fisherman sandals are just your style. Leather straps allow enough breathability and easy comfort of a sandal, without showing too much toe. Wear them with summer slacks or khaki shorts and you’re good to go.


Wedge Fisherman Sandal




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