Picking the right footwear for your first date- What Your Shoe Says About You?

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I wore a pair of austere looking shoes for my first date; I wish I knew that the shoes you have on you can speak volumes about your personality. Maybe I would have looked prettier! You may be taking a romantic walk by the beach, going for ballroom dancing, grabbing a drink at the bar or simply going for a coffee; a well selected pair of shoes can make a huge difference to your rendezvous. Just like the attire, all shoes convey a message about your traits. From your likes and dislikes to the value system you possess, shoes can reveal a lot of different shades of your persona. The pair of shoes we wear take us where we want to go and tell the secrets of where we have been, so making a careful selection of footwear for your first date is crucial.

Most women pick high heels for their first date- if you are going for a candle light dinner then high heels can be the right option for you. Do you want to know what these kind of shoes say about you? Stilettos and high heels are often associated with being classy, confident and sophisticated. It is also said that, high heeled sandals can make you look confident and feminine. Stilettos add grace and panache to your personality making you stand out in the crowd. A trendy pair of high heeled sandals will definitely help you impress your loved one on your first date. See How to buy comfortable heels.


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If you prefer shoes that will keep your feet comfortable and also make you look fashionable, you must pick ballet shoes. These shoes can be worn for most occasions; they go well with a cute skirt or even a pair of denims. Ballet shoes indicate that you are always on your toes and prefer comfort, at the same time you also want to look your best. They also suggest that you are a highly dependable person. Ballet shoes are very comfortable to fit in, they weigh light and are made from soft leather, canvas or satin and have flexible thin soles. It is important to buy the right pair of ballet shoes, check the size and fit of the shoe. Ballet shoes must fit on your foot like a glove, but make sure they are not too small. There must be enough room for you to wiggle your toes. These shoes will keep your feet happy and you will be able to make a better impression on your first date!

 In contrast with ballet shoes knee-high boots are for those women who are extremely daring. These boots can imply that you are a daring person who cannot go unnoticed. Knee high boots are perfect, if your first date happens to be during the cold, chilly winter season. A pair of black knee high boots can be a great alternative for high heels; they can be worn under a skirt, dressy capris, over skinny jeans, or even leggings. Go for knee-high boots if you want to show your fearless side of the personality.

Women who are on the go and are free spirited tend to have a preference for flip flops. They may also hint that you are a summer lover and you mostly like to be in a relaxed state of mind. It is also said that, these women have do not like to attract attention and think practically. Women who prefer to buy flat shoes also fall in this category. Flip-flops are also for someone who does not like to dress too much and prefers comfort-over-style, but over the years flip flops and flat shoes or sandals have also become trendier. Find out more about Women’s Flip Flops

Apart from the styles, the color and the condition of your shoes can tell a lot about you. If you choose bright contrasting colored shoes, then you are probably someone who is energetic, likes to party and grab attention in public places. It is also very important to keep your shoes in good condition, if shoes are old and worn out it can mean that you probably like to spend money on the people you love than on yourself.If shoes are new but have scratches, it probably means you are a busy-bee and have very little time to maintain your shoes.To all the women out there-The way you take care of your shoe is probably the way you will take care of your man. So, take good care of your shoes, and after all it feels great to pamper yourself once in a while, isn’t it?


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