WIN $100-Short Video Contest: Is Your Kid a KidZerts Kid?

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KidZerts Contest Graphic

Attention KidZerts Customers

Haven’t purchased your KidZerts Children’s Arch Support Insoles Yet? Shop now!

How to Enter:

1. Show how your kid is a KidZerts kid in a short, original video
2. Include “KidZerts” in video name
3. Please follow YouTube Community Guidelines and publish video on,, or other video sharing community
4. Email a link to your video along with your full name, mailing address, and email address
5. Follow the contest on and

Short Video Contest Rules

Naot: New This Fall

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Naot Fall Styles

Naot shoes are stylish, sophisticated, and sometimes even down right sexy- so how can they be comfortable and healthy? The secret is in the footbed. Naot designs unique footbeds made of a natural latex and cork combination that conforms to the foot with wear for a perfect fit. The footbed has a latex sponge layer for extra padding, and many of Naot’s footbeds are also wrapped in soft suede for added comfort.

What first started out as a small kibbutz factory in Israel strictly producing work boots, Naot now designs a diverse line of healthy footwear, including clogs, boots, Mary Janes, dress shoes, and sandals for men and women. Every Naot shoe is handmade and is constructed with the natural latex & cork footbed. This year they released a beautiful fall collection including contrasting leather designs with ornamental accents and stitch detailing; unique, fashionable boots and clogs that will add personal style to your shoe collection.

Naot Avant Garde Collection

Naot’s Avant-Garde Collection features heels that are both comfortable and stylish. The footbed is wrapped in pampering suede, with a 2” heel height. New styles this year include the Naot Attitude and Culture– heels that speak for themselves.

Naot Women's Modesto Boot

This fall new boots and clogs were added to the Eden Collection, featuring shoes with a 2.5” heel height. The Modesto Women’s Boot is a mid-calf leather boot with a scrunch. This boot has a heel cup for stability and of course, Naot’s comfortable footbed.

Men's Naot Shoes

On the men’s side, Pilot Men’s Boot is a suede boot with a padded tongue and heel cup for comfort. This boot has a 1.75” TPR sole and a metal shank for stability. With hand-sewn stroble construction this boot is strong and extremely comfortable. Another new men’s shoe is the Bruno, a clog made with buffalo leather upper and Naot’s footbed wrapped in suede. The instep and heel are padded for extra comfort with inside gore for adjustability. The 1.5” polyurethane sole is lightweight and durable. Both shoes are attractive and will keep feet comfortable, even more so with wear.

Be sure to see all of the new Naot styles at Not only is Naot footwear a fashionable addition to your shoe collection- it’s a healthy one. Feel the comfort of a Naot footbed for yourself this fall.

Naot Footbed

Naot footbeds have these features:

-Hallux support, which prevents feet from slipping forward
-Elevated footbed center to reduce pressure in the joints of the central part of the foot
Arch support
-Deel Heel Indentation
-Latex sponge layer for added cushioning
-Shock Absorbent
-Footbed is designed for flexibility and durability
-Every Naot shoe is handmade

Wide Shoes for Kids: They Do Exist

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Kids Have Wide Feet Too!

Little Girl with Wide FeetKids’ feet come in all shapes and sizes so when it comes time to purchase a new pair of kids’ shoes, parents need to be aware that it’s extremely important to have your children’s feet measured. Why – because your children may have wide feet.  Unfortunately, brick-and-mortar stores don’t typically carry wide sizes in kids, so they tend to steer parents in the wrong direction by recommending that they purchase one size up, which means longer shoes (the width won’t change much). This is wrong. Kids with wide feet should wear shoes in wide sizes because it’s imperative for the health of their feet; especially since shoes can play an important role in the development of growing feet. By wearing right sized shoes children could avoid painful, unhealthy foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, arch pain, calluses, and ball of foot pain – just to name of few.

So parents, please be mindful about the size of your children’s feet before purchasing new shoes. Below is a list of things to remember.

  • Have your kid’s feet measured at least every 6 months, especially before purchasing a new pair of shoes.
  • Don’t have your kids wear shoes that are one size up to accommodate their wide feet. If you do, the shoes will just be longer, the width won’t change much. And make sure to shop where wide sizes are offered. Online stores like carry a great selection of wide children’s shoes.
  • Sometimes children’s feet grow narrow, even though they start off wide. Remember, kids are constantly growing and their feet are always changing as they mature.
  • Socks can play an important role since their designs vary from thick to thin materials. If shoes are tight, try having your kids wear thinner socks; but, if your kids are already accustomed to wearing thicker socks, you might have to keep that into consideration when selecting what size to go with.
  • An Extra Wide (X-Wide) kid’s shoe is only ¼” wider than a normal Wide (W).


Wide Shoes for Kids

Giveaway: daniPro Non-Toxic, Antifungal Nail Polish

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It’s GIVEAWAY time again! We want to send you back to school with beautiful toes so we’re giving away three daniPro Non-Toxic, Antifungal Nail Polishes – A base coat, a top coat and a color of your choice. Details on how to participate are listed below. Winner will be announced Friday, August 19th. To learn more about daniPro, read our recent blog post daniPro Antifungal Nail Polishes.

What you win:

daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish: 1 bottle color of your choice, 1 bottle of Clear Base and 1 bottle of Clear Top Cover.

Giveaway dates:

Contest runs Tuesday through Thursday, August 16th – August 18th. Winner will be announced Friday, August 19th.

How to enter:

1. Visit the daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish on and “Like” the product
2. Scroll through the colors & pick your favorite
3. Post a comment on this blog letting us know that you performed step #1 and tell us which color is your favorite

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daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish

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You’re not consciously applying solvents to your body that are also found in rubber and gasoline; you just want your nails to be colorful and shiny. That’s right, some nail polishes contain nasty ingredients that are damaging to health. While that may not come as a surprise, it’s also totally preventable by using daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish. Not only is daniPro non-toxic, it also helps treat and prevent finger and toenail fungus, as well as yellow nails. carries several colors of daniPro so you can have attractive, healthy toenails to match your orthopedic sandals. Read on to learn the health benefits of switching to daniPro Antifungal Nail Polish.

daniPro helps to treat and prevent finger and toenail fungus

Yes! There is a way to help treat and prevent toenail fungus while having beautiful, polished nails.

-daniPro contains ingredient Undecylenic Acid, approved by the FDA as an anti-fungal ingredient, proven to effectively fight organisms that cause finger and toenail fungus

Treat and prevent yellow nails

-Conceal yellow nails while helping to heal them. daniPro nail polish is available in several colors to match your mood while helping to eliminate unattractive yellow nails.

Free of harmful chemicals found in other nail polishes

-Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
-Formaldehyde is an ingredient included in some nail products to harden nails
-Some nail polish brands include DBP in their product to prevent chips and cracks. DBP has been associated with developmental and reproductive effects, such as decreased brain production, increased chance of asthma, and damaged sperm
-Toluene is a solvent that makes polish easier to apply. It can be absorbed through the skin and nails and can cause dizziness.

Who should use daniPro?

-Those who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
-People with yellow nails
-If you need to treat toenail fungus
-Those concerned of putting toxic chemicals in their body

Diabetic Shoes from New Balance

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Diabetic Shoes from New Balance

Diabetics, are you aware that New Balance has a vast array of styles that are SADMERC/PDAC approved and A5500 coded as diabetic footwear?  If not, then today is your lucky day because as you read on you’ll discover that New Balance has combined their technical features with their sporty upper designs, making their diabetic walking shoes comfortable, functional and more stylish than many diabetic shoes on the market.  Unfortunately, diabetic shoes aren’t the most fashionable since their designs tend to focus more on features rather than on looks.  But let’s not forget, diabetic shoes should be made with features to improve diabetic foot health – it’s not all about style; but it is nice when brands, like New Balance, offer diabetics trendier options to choose from, and options with technically advanced shoe features.

Please note: provides the A5500 code on their product pages as assurance that you are receiving the same quality shoe as your doctor dispensed. is unable to bill your insurance.

Most New Balance diabetic shoes have these notable features:

  • Uppers made with leather or synthetic materials that are breathable to help keep moisture at bay, minimizing chances of experiencing fungal infections.
  • Hook and loop straps for adjustability and easy on/off.
  • LIGHTNING DRY® liner also keeps feet dry.
  • Wide toe box design for wiggling toes – also helps accommodate swollen feet.
  • Padded collar improves comfort around the ankle.
  • Removable insole can be replaced with diabetic insoles, custom orthotics or arch supports.
  • ABZORB® in the forefoot provides shock absorption against impact, while ABZORB® SBS provides 5 – 10% more cushioning at the heel than regular ABZORB®.
  • Polyurethane cushioned midsole for soft, comfortable steps.
  • TPU Walking Strike Path® technology helps stabilize and guide the foot through a more natural gait cycle.
  • ROLLBAR® consists of a TPU lateral/medial post design for exceptional motion control to reduce excessive pronation and supination.
  • Durable rubber outsole for longer wear.
  • Wide sizes up to men’s 16 6E (XX-Wide) or women’s 13 4E (XX-Wide).

Some New Balance Diabetic Walking Shoes to Consider:

Diabetic Shoes for Men from New Balance

Diabetic Shoes for Women from New Balance

Merchant note: The New Balance 811 has been replaced with the 812.  It has a sleeker design with the same functionality of the 811.  The New Balance 812 also comes with a premium foam insert that can be replaced with custom orthotics or diabetic insoles.

For more options: Aravon and Dunham are New Balance brands that also carry stylish diabetic shoes with the same technical features.

Aravon - Comfort Engineering by New Balance Dunham - A Trusted New Balance Brand


Anatomy of a Proper Teacher’s Shoe

Aug 5th, 2011 by Jenna Goldberg | Comments Off on Anatomy of a Proper Teacher’s Shoe

Attention teachers:

Before you return to your classrooms and layout the annual syllabus, it’s time for you to learn the anatomy of a healthy shoe in order to prep for a comfortable school year. Teachers spend all day on their feet; pacing in front of whiteboards and passing out papers, but that doesn’t mean feet should be sore and tired at the end of the day. No matter your choice in shoe style- Mary Jane, low heel, clog or lace-up, there are a few healthy elements you should look for.

  1. Cushioning for long hours spent standing
    Shoes that provide extra cushioning will have features such as a compression molded EVA midsole or egg crate footbed. Padded collars also offer extra cushioning around the ankle and top of the foot.
  2. Wide toe box to accommodate swollen feet
    Women often develop bunions due to poor-fitting shoes and heels. However you can still wear heels and maintain foot health with orthopedic styles. A wide toe box keeps feet comfortable during a long day of standing, during which feet tend to swell and require more room to spread out.
  3. Arch Support to Prevent Inflammation
    Whether you walk with a custom arch support insert or buy shoes that already provide arch support, this feature will prevent arch pain and arch strain (inflammation or burning sensation at the arch of the foot).
  4. Deep Heel Indentation for Balance
    It’s important that your heel bone is protected with a deep heel indentation (also known as a deep heel cup). This supports proper balance and a comfortable fit.
  5. A Raised Metatarsal Area encourages toes to spread out, and reduces ball of foot pain. This can also help improve posture and a normal gait.
  6. Rocker Outsole Design
    This feature offers stability and naturally rolls the foot forward with each step, decreasing pressure in the heel and metatarsal area
  7. Comfortable Heels- Really
    And guess what? You can still wear heels. Brands like Aetrex and Naot design attractive heels that are also orthopedic and provide excellent arch support. Comfortable, adjustable straps are key, also elastic goring on heel straps and at the instep make for an easy fit.


Prepare yourself for a comfortable and stylish school year. You can find shoes at that will give you all the healthy, comfortable features without cramping your style.

Back to School: Back to Healthy Little Feet

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Back to School Promotion

Good news! has extended their Back to School coupon: FREE SHIPPING on all kids’ shoes!

Just be sure to enter coupon code backtoschool2011 at checkout.  Coupon is good through August 31, 2011.

Healthy Little Feet at School

Kids at SchoolWell kids, it’s been a long summer break and your free days of playing outdoors are numbered.  Yep, that’s right: Back to School Sales are sprouting everywhere, which means parents and children get to do their yearly dance at shopping malls to seek and find the best sales and bargains around.  Unfortunately, shopping for school essentials can cause headaches and be challenging for both parents and children; but at least when it comes to kids’ shoes and foot care products, parents can easily shop online.  This could lead to a more fun and easier way to shop.  So parents, before you start planning your next shopping trip, just remember that has your back.  We’ve added various new styles of kids’ athletic shoes from New Balance and Brooks; plus, we still carry a wonderful selection of children’s foot care products; we’ve even added healthy nail polish for kids so that little girls can show off their toes to friends.

Remember parents, when it comes to the health of your children’s feet, it’s always a good idea to shop for athletic shoes for kids.  Typically, athletic shoes are designed with all the essential features needed for comfort and support; and we all know that kids can be extremely active in both the classroom and on the playground.

Kids' Athletic Shoes

Features to look for in children’s athletic shoes:

  • Breathable uppers made with leather, mesh or synthetic materials.  Sometimes, designs incorporate all of these materials, but the key thing is breathability, because active kids can produce a lot of sweat, which could lead to smelly feet and possible fungal infections that can cause Athlete’s Foot.  The more shoes breathe the better chances of keeping little feet dry.
  • Unique closures made with hook and loop straps or bungee-like designs can make putting on shoes a whole lot easier.  Parents or kids won’t have to worry about tying laces or untying knots – could make going to school quicker and more efficient.
  • Cushioned midsoles for added comfort and shock absorption.  Since kids usually jump, skip and run to their destinations, midsole designs that are shock absorbent can reduce impact on hard surfaces, such as on pavement.  Cushioned shoes can improve comfort and minimize foot pain and foot fatigue, making kids happier at school and home.
  • Arch support and heel stabilization are designs that can improve foot functionality to help children improve their posture and gait cycle.  Arch support and heel stabilization can minimize excessive pronation and help kids with flat feet gain overall body alignment to reduce strain and pressure in joints and muscles.
  • Kids’ shoes with removable insoles allow parents to replace them with custom orthotics or arch support inserts.  A lot of kids’ shoes come with poorly designed insoles, so it’s always a good idea to replace them with better made ones that offer arch support and stability at the heel.
  • Non-marking outsoles that are durable can prolong the lifespan of shoes all while keeping floors clean and free of scuffs – moms and teachers will definitely appreciate scuff-free floors.
  • Wide sizes are available for kids.  Yes, kids can have wide feet too so instead of ordering one size up (which really means you’re ordering a longer size – the width won’t change much in size), order an actual wide size.  It’s also recommended to have your kids’ feet measured before each new pair since kids are constantly growing.

For our new selection of athletic shoes for kids, please visit our New Balance Kids Shoes and Brooks Kids Shoes pages.  For other styles such as sandals, boots and pediatric shoes, visit our main Kids Shoes page.

We also carry a great selection of children’s foot care products and kids’ arch support insoles to improve the comfort and health of your children’s feet.

Children's Foot Care Products.

Giveaway: Priti NYC Non Toxic, Natural Nail Polish

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We like healthy feet and healthy toenails too! is giving away Priti NYC Nail Polish: Non-Toxic and Natural. If you “Like” Priti NYC Non-Toxic, Natural Nail Polish on our website you will be entered to win one free color of your choice plus a 2-in-1 clear basecoat/top coat. Priti NYC Natural Nail Polish not only makes nails beautiful, but also keeps them safe and healthy. “Like” Priti NYC at and tell us which color you would like to win by commenting on this blog. Winner will be announced Monday Aug 1st, 2011.

What you win:

Priti NYC Non Toxic, Natural Nail Polish, 1 bottle color of your choice, 1 bottle 2-in-1 clear basecoat/topcoat

Giveaway dates:

Contest runs Thursday and Friday, July 28 & 29th
Winner will be announced Monday August 1st

How to enter:

1. Visit the PritiNYC Nail Polish page on and “Like” the product
2. Scroll through the colors & pick your favorite
3. Post a comment on this blog letting us know that you performed step #1 and tell us which color is your favorite

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Propet Cronus Stretchable Shoes: Revisited

Jul 26th, 2011 by John Almodovar | 1 Comment So Far

Propet Cronus Shoe

The Propet Cronus is one comfortable orthopedic shoe.  Its design incorporates various features to maximize comfort and adjustability.  As one of’s most adjustable shoes, the Propet Cronus can easily accommodate various foot conditions such as swollen feet (edema), hammertoes, and bunions.  Unfortunately, many shoes do not allow room for such conditions; but not the Cronus, because the upper material is made out of stretchable, neoprene material.

What separates the Cronus from other shoes in the market is its unique closure design that consists of two adjustable hook and loop straps located in key areas of the upper.  One strap adjusts at the heel while the other strap adjusts over the instep and has a unique wide design – both straps allow for easy on/off and enough room for the most challenging fit, even for those who may have bandages or dressings on one foot.  The Propet Cronus is also A5500 Medicare coded as diabetic footwear, has a removable insole to accommodate diabetic insoles, custom orthotics or cushioning gel inserts, and is extremely lightweight, making it one step better than a woundcare shoe.

Overall, if you need a comfortable orthopedic shoe that’s completely adjustable and stretchable, the Propet Cronus is the right fit for you.  The Propet Cronus is available in men’s and women’s sizes and wide widths.

Propet Cronus Shoe