Orthopedic Socks for Everyone!

Dec 21st, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | 1 Comment So Far

We find them scattered on the floor, thrown in drawers, in the dog’s mouth and we always seem to lose one in the wash. We wear, tear and abuse them … but these little tubes of fabric are more important than we think.

Socks play a vital role in foot comfort and health. Yes, they obviously protect your feet from rubbing against the inside of your shoes and they keep your feet warm – but you can find high-quality socks with so many other purposes!

Read below to find out which orthopedic socks are best suited for you:

Active: Whether you’re an avid exerciser, a busy parent or someone who walks/bikes to work, you need moisture-wicking socks to decrease perspiration build-up. Too much moisture trapped inside socks can cause foot odor or Athlete’s Foot. Aetrex Copper socks use Copper Sole Technology ™ (copper ions infused in the yarn fibers) to remove 99.9% of fungi, bacteria and odor from socks. These Aetrex orthopedic socks are also designed with extra cushioning, flat seams and a spandex integration so that the socks hug your feet. Aetrex copper socks are available in low cut, ankle and crew cut styles, as well as with binding or non-binding ankle tops for the perfect fit.

The couch potato: If you love sleeping in or the first thing you do when you get home is plop on the sofa, then you need to continue to find ways to be comfortable. Acorn Slipper Socks, which are designed to fit men or women, easily slip on like normal socks, but have a tough suede outsole that equates to a gentle house shoe. Don’t worry about putting your feet up on the sofa or coffee table while wearing Acorn Slipper Socks! Available in Cotton Twist or Ragg Wool uppers, these slipper socks keep you warm and cozy, letting you lounge around comfortably without wearing-down your other socks.

Proactive: It’s easier to prevent than to treat. Proactive people see potential consequences and do what’s possible to avoid future problems. If you are like this, then chances are that you are passionate about your health or Mother Earth. Something that all proactive women must have are Happy Feet Foot Alignment Socks, because they keep feet healthy, which can prevent future foot conditions. Happy Feet Socks have soft toe dividers to spread and straighten the toes, improving your gait and relieving pain. These foot alignment socks are colorful, fun accessories that you need before it’s too late.

The outside warrior: Every warrior needs armor. Thorlos durable and cushioning socks are perfect for the man and women who spend lots of time outdoors. Whether you’re outside in cold weather to hunt, fish, do yard work or shovel snow, Thorlos Hunting Socks for extreme cold weather are designed with a wool blend that will keep feet warm. Moderate cushioning is available at the instep, ankle, shin and arch, while thick cushioning comforts the more sensitive heel and ball of foot areas. Thorlos Light Hiking Socks, available for men and women, are constructed with the same cushioning, as well as a ventilation panel to keep feet dry and cool. Don’t let your feet suffer from being too cold or too hot – it’ll only slow you down.

The survivor/supporter: There’s a survivor and supporter in all of us. Everyone’s lives have been touched by cancer in one way or another, and it’s important to show your support for the hope of a cure and a brighter tomorrow. Wear New Balance Challenge Lace Up for the Cure socks to show your support or raise awareness about Breast Cancer. These socks have elastic in the arch area to reduce sock movement, a deep heel pocket for a stable fit, moisture wicking-upper fibers and a flat link stitched toe seam for extra softness. For each item sold, 15% of the proceeds is donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity. Thorlos Everday Walker Socks are casual mini crew socks that will keep feet dry and cushioned. Thorlos donates $1 to cancer research for every pair sold.

The professional: When you have a nice job, you have to look the part. Don’t get caught wearing casual socks with your dress shoes and don’t waste your hard-earned money on poor-quality, uncomfortable dress socks. Take your foot health and comfort as seriously as you take your job. Aetrex infuses its Copper technology into their dress socks for men and women. The Copper Sole Technology™ (copper ions infused in the yarn fibers) removes 99.9% of fungi, bacteria and odor, which keeps feet clean and fresh. Extra cushioning and a flat seam construction ensure these are the most comfortable dress socks you’ve ever worn.

The hard worker: You may have a rough, rugged job, but you’re not too tough with an injured foot. If you work in a factory, warehouse or construction site, you need a sturdy pair of steel toed boots to protect your sensitive toes from serious injuries. To pair with the steel toed boots you should be wearing, Thorlos makes a Safety Steel Toe Sock just for you. These socks are designed to wick moisture while you’re working hard and to provide moderate cushioning to prevent foot fatigue, blisters and calluses. Thick cushioning over the toes offers protection against hard toe plates in work boots.

The holiday traveler: Traveling around the holidays can be exciting and it can be stressful, but you should take extra precautions to ensure you have the healthiest and happiest time during your trip. Compression stockings can be worn by men and women of every age for circulatory aid while flying or sitting for long periods of time, such as in an airport, bus, car or train. These compression stockings keep the blood flowing back to the heart to reduce the chance of swelling in the ankles, otherwise known as pooling. Pooling can be painful, embarrassing and can make fitting into socks and shoes difficult. Activa has many different types of moderate compression stockings, which would be beneficial for travelers, as well as firm compression stockings, which are used for medical reasons.

The new mom: So you have your new bundle of joy … then suddenly your world is busy, tiring and constantly focused on what’s best for the baby. Rock-a-Thigh Baby Thigh-High socks benefit both the parents and babies. These thigh-high socks keep legs warm while in strollers and carriers, eases the diaper changing process and protects the sensitive knees from hard surfaces or rug burns. Extra traction from the no-skid grips can prevent slipping and the cuffs are soft yet secure, so they will stay in place. Adorable upper patterns, such as pirate symbols and monkeys, make these socks appealing to boys and girls. Keep their little feet and legs comfy in Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks.

Sensitive feet: People with medical conditions or super sensitive feet have to pay extra attention to their feet. Diabetic socks are designed to soothe and accommodate various foot problems, so they are highly recommended. If you are a diabetic, our Jobst SensiFoot diabetic socks, available in crew and knee lengths, contain an antibacterial and anti-fungal finish to reduce the risk of infection. The socks have extra padding and mild compression to prevent bunching, but the non-constricting weave of fibers will not interfere with circulation. Also, there is a smooth toe seam on all diabetic socks. KB Designs Extra Wide Medical Socks are perfect for people who have extra wide feet, hard-to-fit calves or are suffering from edema (swelling). If you have a medical condition, wearing poor-quality socks or the incorrect type of socks can have negative consequences on our health, so please consult a trusted physician about what types of socks are best for you.


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  1. Desiree said:

    I just found this post and just in time. I started a job working in a factory and the floors are really doing aa number on my feet. After reading this blog I think diabetes socks are best for me. Thanks for the info!!!