New Alegria Sandals: Bold, Perky and Good for Your Feet

Mar 22nd, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | 2 Comments So Far

Spring is finally here. It’s the time of year for flowers, romance and spending money … spending money on seasonal, yet necessary items, such as warm-weather clothes, new bathing suits, future vacations and sandals.

Out of the before-mentioned things, you’ll probably be spending the least amount of money and time on your sandal purchases. But what you may not realize is that sandal shopping is as critical as vacation planning: You want a safe yet fun choice, and you want to get the most bang for your buck. is carrying three new women’s Alegria sandals. These sandals, which are the Portos, Venice and Milano styles, all have anatomically correct footbeds that have arch support and provide cushion for your feet. The footbeds are a combination of polyurethane and cork with a 1/8″ layer of latex memory foam on the top and a sueded leather cover will reduce heel pain because of the cushioned landing. The colorful leather straps on these women’s sandals are lined with soft metallic-colored fabric so your feet are secure and comfortable.

Not only are these sandals unique, cute and stylish, they are the healthy sandal choice every Spring-time lover should wear when she wants sunlight to touch her toes.


alegria-protosPortos: These Alegria sandals have a full rocker bottom like the Alegria clogs. This specially-constructed rocker bottom enhances the natural roll through of your gait. The 1 3/4″outsole will reduce strain and prevent injury to your heels and central metatarsal area. The bottom is flat to increase stability and control. You will experience proper posture and normal gait with these comfortable women’s sandals. Portos Alegria sandals are designed as a T-Strap style with a wide hugging instep strap for comfort and a chic look. Decorative studs, a metal ring ornament and bright leather uppers enhance the look. The toe posts prevent your feet from slipping in these comfortable women’s sandals. The wide, open toebox is beneficial if you hammertoes or boney toe deformites. If you’re a fan of the classic Alegria clogs, these are sandals you will love.


alegria-veniceVenice: Unlike the Portos, the Venice Alegria Sandals sport a slim rocker. These are comfortable women’s sandals that are adjustable and more for comfort than for correction. Like all the other Alegria sandals, the removable footbed is the same and will cushion your feet and provide arch support. The slim rocker on the Venice sandal is 1 1/4″ high, which will give you a more stable ride since you’re closer to the ground. A flat outsole will provide you with stability and control. These Alegria sandals have a more flexible sole because it’s not as thick, which a lot of people find very comfortable. Venice sandals have an adjustable hook and loop strap over the instep and an adjustable strap over the forefoot for a customized fit. These adjustable straps will prevent slippage, are good for those with slight swelling and will ensure that your feet are secure and comfortable. Two decorative studs on the uppers of these comfortable women’s sandals add a little personality, and the Venice Alegria sandals are available in seven bright colors.


alegria-milanoMilano: These are also Alegria sandals constructed with a slim rocker. This style is kind of a mix between the Portos and Venice sandals, due to its adjustability, openness and toe post. Milano Alegria sandals will benefit women who want a flexible outsole and who need a more stable shoe than compared to classic Alegrias. It has a single leather strap over the forefoot area with an adjustable buckle for a customized fit and decoration. A toe post is uniquely placed beneath the strap to ensure your feet won’t slip in these comfortable women’s sandals. Milano sandals are designed more for comfort and fashion, getting an A+ for both.


alegria-barcelonaBarcelona: This style is from last year, but these Alegria sandals are still stylish and just as comfortable as the rest! Shiny and colored leather straps criss-cross and hold your feet in place. A matching butterfly buckle is a cute decoration, and is adjustable with elastic gore for a customized fit and easy on/off. These comfortable women’s sandals have the classic Alegria full rocker bottom, which will reduce strain and prevent injury to your heels and central metatarsal area. While wearing these, you will experience proper posture and normal gait.


Summer’s short – enjoy it with comfortable Alegria Sandals.


2 Comments on “New Alegria Sandals: Bold, Perky and Good for Your Feet”

  1. Jacqueline Griffin said:

    I love the pink Venice and I also the butterfly’s on the Barcelona.

  2. sandal hotel said:

    I remember buying Greek sandals years ago and they were so cute. Did the gladiator sandal become popular from a movie or other influence?