New Brands Added: Pro-Tech Athletes, Spenco, Kerasal and Ryn

Dec 17th, 2010 by John Almodovar | Be The First To Comment has added four new brands: Pro-Tec Athletics, Spenco, Kerasal and Ryn.  As one of the internet’s leading orthopedic shoes and foot care products store, we constantly try our best to add only the finest brand names in the industry.  Our goal is always the same – provide a place where customers can receive excellent customer service and shop for footwear items that will help them gain and maintain healthy feet.

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Pro-Tec Athletics productsPro-Tec Athletics
Pro-Tec Athletics offers various products that come with a wide range of features to provide support, protection, comfort and injury prevention.  Founded by Jeff Rodgers, a former professional volleyball player, this company has over 35 products that are specially designed to benefit various athletic related markets such as running, basketball, soccer, schools, physical therapy, orthopedic, podiatry and chiropractic clinics.

Notable Pro-Tec Athletics items offered at

Pro-Tec Athletics Foot Care Products

Spenco at HealthyFeetStore.comSpenco was founded by Dr. Wayman Spence in 1967.  This health care company produces some of the top shoe insoles, heel pads, arch supports and other orthotics in the market so that people can experience more comfort in their footwear.  As a leader in the industry, Spenco foot care products are constantly recommended by foot doctors and specialists from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and the Federation of International Podiatrists (FIP).

Notable Spenco items offered at

Spenco Insoles

Kerasal Foot Creams

Known as the “podiatrists” brand, Kerasal items are some of the most trusted products in the foot care industry.  Throughout the world, Kerasal products have been used by podiatrists and dermatologists for not only rehydrating and softening the roughest, driest feet, but also for revitalizing and repairing dry cracked heels.  Kerasal products are so widely used by podiatrists that in 2006 Kerasal was honored by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as a trusted brand.

Notable Kerasal items offered at

Kerasal Foot Care Moisturizing Creams

Ryn Rocker Sole ShoesRyn
Ryn technology was created so that wearers could experience a better, pain-free way of walking.  These rocker sole shoes offer health features to promote muscle toning, weight loss, pain relief and rehabilitation. Ryn rocker shoes are made with top quality materials and are designed better than other rocker shoes in the industry because they provide exceptional balance, stability and control.

Notable Ryn rocker shoes offered at

Ryn Rock Sole Shoes


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