KidZerts Full Length Children’s Arch Support Insoles: New Product

Feb 28th, 2012 by John Almodovar | 1 Comment So Far is now offering KidZerts Full Length Children’s Arch Support Insoles.  Like the ¾ length, these insoles offer various features to improve the health of young growing feet.  They’re wear-moldable, which means that they’ll conform to the natural shape of each individual foot, and they’re anatomically designed with exceptional arch support and a deep heel cup – all of these features will help control pronation and align the body for better posture and overall balance.  KidZerts insoles are the insoles that should be in all children’s shoes.

KidZerts Full Length Children's Arch Support InsolesKidzerts Insoles: Full Length vs. 3/4

The difference between the full length and the ¾ is that the full length is a bit more cushioned, especially in the forefoot. KidZerts full length insoles are recommended for shoes with removable insoles, athletic shoes, and shoes with roomy toe box designs.  The KidZerts ¾ insoles are ideal for children’s dress shoes, casual shoes, cleats, and shoes that don’t have removable insoles.  Both insoles are manufactured with the same high-quality materials and features that will help reduce foot fatigue, arch pain, flat feet pain, and ankle pain.  They’re both podiatrist recommended and an investment in future foot health.

KidZerts Chilren's Insoles


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One Comment on “KidZerts Full Length Children’s Arch Support Insoles: New Product”

  1. Batok said:

    Your feet just have to get used to it. I wear heels all the time and they still kill my feet somedays. Definetly get inelsos and I like those little socks that just cover the arch and ball of your foot so as not to show. Good luck!