How to Buy Comfortable Heels

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Cheap and trendy heels that you find in the mall might look like a good idea at the time, but they’re sure to hurt your feet later. Heels don’t have to be uncomfortable. If you invest in a proper fitting dress shoe that is designed with cushion and support, your footwear will look good and feel good too.

It’s common to buy heels that are uncomfortable, mostly because there are so many heels out there that don’t support feet that it’s easy to get stuck with the wrong pair. A friend of mine who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area had trouble finding comfortable heels to wear to work. Every morning she walked 20 minutes to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) in heels that hurt her feet so she could look professional walking into the office. After a couple of weeks of sore feet, she started wearing athletic shoes on her walk and quickly changed into her work shoes on the rail before arriving at the office in Oakland. Half the time she is able to make the switch, other times she would try to slip into the office and swap out her athletic shoes for work shoes before coworkers noticed.

If this switch-a-roo sounds familiar, it’s time to discover comfortable fashion footwear so you can arrive calm, cool, and collected, and stay comfortable in heels throughout the work day.


Find heels with the right fit:

88% of women are walking around in the wrong shoe size! Feet change over time so it’s important to measure feet regularly for size (toe-to-heel) and width (left to right). Watch this video on how to measure feet. Many heels are available in half sizes and wide widths, so you don’t have to settle on a pair of heels that aren’t your size. Aetrex, SoftWalk, Naot and Ziera are just a few brands that offer hard-to-find dress shoe sizes and widths. Also look for heels that have an adjustable strap to customize the fit.

How to buy heels that you can walk in:

Back to my friend in the Bay Area, she couldn’t wear her heels walking to the BART station because she couldn’t walk comfortably in them. Many heels are unstable, which cause wobbling and shaky footing. A few features to look for when shopping for footwear with heel height are a metal shank, arch support, hallux support, a deep heel cup and shock absorption. These features will help improve stability, keep your foot comfortably in place, and prevent foot fatigue.

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