House Slippers: Healthy and Comfortable to Wear at Home

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Orthopedic House SlippersFor many of us, our homes are the places where we seek comfort and relaxation because the stress we incur throughout the day can really take a toll on us.  One way to ensure a leisurely feeling at home is to slip into a nice pair of house slippers.  Wearing house slippers is a fantastic way to enhance relaxation at home; but you can’t just wear any old pair of slippers.  We recommend wearing orthopedic house slippers so that not only will your feet stay comfortable, but also healthy.  Remember, modern homes tend to have the same man-made flat surfaces as the pavements outside; and walking on hard and flat surfaces can cause over-pronation problems, which can lead to other foot injuries.  So wearing slippers with similar features as orthopedic shoes is highly recommended to avoid the risk of experiencing unhealthy foot conditions.  There are a variety of house slippers available that come in numerous styles.  Some are more fashion-friendly than others, while a number of them come in fun styles and colors.

At, we carry a vast array of house slippers for women, men and children.  Below is a list of orthopedic features that come with most of the house slippers we offer.

Breathable Uppers
Old Friend Loafer Moc for MenNowadays, house slippers are manufactured with different types of breathable uppers.  You’ll find moccasin slippers with water resistant suede uppers or slide slippers with uppers made from boiled wool.  The reason we recommend wearing house slippers that come with breathable uppers is so that your feet stay dry and moisture free.  Unfortunately, moisture in footwear causes bacterial and fungal growth, which can cause unwanted foot problems such as Athlete’s Foot and toenail fungus.

Orthaheel Abbey Women's Arch Support SlippersFootbed with Arch Support and a Heel Cup
Wearing footwear with arch support can reduce discomfort associated with arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, excessive pronation, knee pain, hip pain and back pain.  Arch support can help align lower limbs, which can reduce stress in muscles and ligaments caused by misaligned joints.  Heel cups also play an important role because they provide stability at the heel.  House slippers that come with a footbed design that incorporates both of these features will dramatically improve your foot function and health.

Removable Footbeds
Giesswein Vent - Boiled Wool Lodge Slipper for Women and MenHouse slippers with removable footbeds can accommodate custom orthotics or arch support insoles.  For example, if you’re a diabetic who just acquired a pair of slippers with removable insoles, you can replace them with diabetic insoles.  Or if you’re more active around the house, you can place a sturdier pair of arch supports in your slippers for better control.

Old Friend Scuff - Men's Sheepsking Slide SlipperCushioning Midsole and Soft Lining
House slippers with firm, yet cushioning midsoles, are ideal because they provide comfort and shock absorption.  At, we have house slippers that come with EVA memory foam midsoles that over time will conform to your individual foot.  We also have slippers that are lined with various materials, from 100% natural sheepskin material to ultra soft cotton.  Both of these features combined will dramatically increase the comfort level in slippers.  Lucky for you, we carry many slippers that have both.

Old Friend Snowbird - Women's Sheepskin SlipperDurable Outsole
The outsole design plays an important role because it’s the primary feature that adds durability.  Long-lasting outsoles are made with various rubber materials from TPR (Thermoplastic) to latex to polyurethane.  Besides prolonging the life of your house slippers, some outsoles provide added traction for better footing.  Durable outsoles are also great for those who like to wear slippers outside from time to time.  Walking outside to pick up the newspaper or the mail is ideal – but we don’t recommend using house slippers for activities such as hiking or running.

Cloud Nine Heavenly Wrap - Closed Toe Sheepskin SlipperOther Notable Features
Two other notable features include adjustability and toe box room.  Wearing slippers with adjustable closures allow for a better fit.  For those with swollen feet, having adjustability can make a huge difference when wearing the slipper and when putting on the slipper.  A roomy toe box allows more freedom for wiggling toes.  A bigger sized toe box can also accommodate certain foot conditions such as bunions and hammertoes.


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