Employee Favorites 2012: Part 2

Jun 22nd, 2012 by John Almodovar | 2 Comments So Far Part 2 of Employee Favorites 2012


Low Cut Copper Socks from AetrexEddie, Warehouse Manager:
You can’t go wrong with Aetrex Low Cut Copper Socks.  They’re the best socks that I’ve ever worn because they really do work as advertised.  Since I work in a warehouse, I’m constantly active so the Moisture Guard™ feature comes in handy because it helps keep my feet dry and fresh after a long day at work.  They also fit extremely well with just the right amount of stretch, which means they don’t bunch up in my shoes, and my feet are healthier looking due to the Copper element in their design.  They truly are the healthiest socks in the industry.


Orthaheel Carla Flip Flops Sandal for Women

Isha, Customer Service:
I wore Orthaheel Carla sandals on a recent weekend trip and they were great! I have very small, flat feet and very rarely find comfortable shoes in my size. Not only were they sized just right, but they were extremely supportive as well. Normally when I wear flip-flops for an extended period of time I end up with severe pain in my arches and ankles. I was able to walk in these for hours without any pain. The Orthaheel Carla sandals were comfortable and super cute as well, just what I was looking for.


Spenco Siesta Men's Slip-On ShoeChris, Bookkeeper:
The shoes I picked were the Siesta shoes from Spenco. I’ve really enjoyed these shoes since I got them. They’re just extremely comfortable and act as a cross between a slipper and a shoe, so I can wear them both in and out of the house. I’ve always enjoyed the arch support that Spenco provides in their products and this shoe is no different.




Spira Stinger XLT Women's Running ShoeKai, Purchasing Agent:
About the time we introduced the Spira Stinger XLT into our line up I was looking for better running shoes than the pair I currently owned.  While running, I was experiencing a lot of joint pain and fatigue and knew some of it could be contributed to the shoes I was running in.  I wanted a lighter shoe that was ergonomically designed with the runner in mind. I really liked the look and design of Spira’s Stinger XLT and since it was new to our website I decided I would do a little research and see what I could find out about this shoe.  After reading about Spira’s Energy Return System that actually recycles expended energy back to the wearer my interest peaked. It’s called WaveSpring technology and it’s found inside every pair of Spira shoes. With every step, energy is stored and then dispersed back to the wearer while providing the ultimate in cushioning. Running, walking and standing for long periods of time can take a toll on the body, legs and feet. Spira’s WaveSpring technology helps by taking a great deal of the burden off of the joints.  So I bought a pair and I LOVE them!  They are light and airy and I can feel the “bounce back” from the springs when I run.  It feels like the shoes are doing half the work for me.  Whether I’m going to be running, walking or just standing for a long period of time, my Spira Stinger XLTs are now always my first choice in footwear.


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2 Comments on “ Employee Favorites 2012: Part 2”

  1. Valerie said:

    need advise …sooo tired of buying work shoes that only feel good for about three weeks..I stand on concrete for a living for about 30 years.
    Wear mostly burk @ home can”t wear them @ Home Depot my job.Arthritis also in my feet….HELP

  2. Administrator said:

    All the brands we carry are well made shoes. When you are on your feet all day your shoes will not last as long as if you were in a desk job. The shoes you buy will also make a difference. Which brand we recommend will really depend on your feet. Feel free the contact our customer service at 866.324.3338 for more information.