Employee Favorites 2012: Part 1

Jun 13th, 2012 by John Almodovar | 1 Comment So Far's Employee Favorites

As employees of, we have the luxury of having access to some of the top footwear and foot care products on the market.  We meet with vendors, test samples, and review products that we feel will help our customers gain and maintain healthy feet.  We love our products so much that we literally wear them at work or use them in our daily routines.  Below, you’ll read about some of our favorite shoes and foot care products that have kept us healthy and comfortable in 2012.

Archmolds Maximum Arch SupportsRich, CEO:
My favorite product is the Archmolds Maximum Arch Support. I had a problem with over-pronation resulting in pain in a variety of places. These were the first heat-moldable supports I ever tried. The results were fantastic. Extremely comfortable and the change was immediately apparent.

Brooks Cadence Men's Running and Walking Shoes



Andrew, Warehouse Assistant:
The Pure Cadence from Brooks is a fabulous pair of shoes that challenges your heel-to-toe running style. As an avid runner, I’ve always had the tendency to strike with my heel first before toe-off, but not with the Cadence. These shoes have an IDEAL HEEL design that moves the point of contact farther up the midfoot, incorporating my forefoot and toes to work more, which strengthens my running style.  The shoe provides mid-arch support for those who have arch problems; in fact, this design feature has helped me control excessive pronation all while providing extra stability when planting my foot.  The Pure Cadence definitely embodies “feel more with less” weighing less than a pound for each shoe and feeling light as feather as you run. If you want a pair of shoes that are simpler and lighter than other shoes, look no further than the Brooks Cadence!!!

Naot Elinor Women's SandalMelissa, VP:
My favorite casual shoe for this spring is the Naot Elinor. I work in the shoe business and I own a lot of shoes so I am very picky about what I put on my feet. What attracted me to this sandal initially was the feminine, low-profile gladiator style. I am already huge fan of the supportive, Naot cork latex footbed and love how this sandal offers the same support in a lower profile design. This versatile sandal has been in my collection for only a month and I’ve been wearing it everywhere including shopping, to work and even to a baseball game.

The Stick for Muscle PainJohn, Writer/SEO Analyst:
I’m quickly realizing that my 39-year-old body doesn’t recover as well as it did 20 years ago, which is why I decided to use The Stick to help deal with soreness and muscle pain.  It really does work. I recently started jogging again after taking several years off.  Unfortunately, after my first run I noticed that my leg muscles (hamstrings and quads) were extremely knotted so I used The Stick to roll out the soreness. I’m happy to say that my muscles felt better and my performance on the road improved dramatically because the muscle pain simply vanished.  I highly recommend The Stick, especially for those who are starting a new workout routine after taking a long hiatus from exercising.


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  1. Vicki said:

    Thanks for the tips! I am so happy I have just recently started receiving your emails and can’t wait until I get enough money together to buy a new pair of diabetic type shoes because of an ulcer I have had on my right big toe for 7 years that resists all treatments. I am wearing a temporary shoe the podiatrist gave me and things are looking better, but I’d like to have a pair of regular shoes and because of a severe bunion and hammer toes I need the widest shoes possible. I know you carry exactly what I am looking for and I look forward to doing business with you very soon. Thanks for all that you do for people with foot problems.