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Have your shoes worn out? Think twice before throwing them away, because there could some fun things you can do to reuse them! Getting rid of old shoes may not be the best thing to do, as some shoes are made of materials harmful to the environment. You never know what next happens after dumping them in dumpsters or land-fills. So recycling them would be a good way to go green. You can also redesign old shoes and make them one of a kind without stretching your wallet even a wee bit. Minor scuffs on shoes can be easily repaired at home with minimum effort. Luckily, there are simple ways to fix them and most of them need every day items that you probably already have at home!

Here are a few tips from the employees at to give your footwear a fun makeover. By the way these are some secret tips we came up with only for you; go on and try them!

What Jill did to get rid of those pesky marks on her shoes: 
I realized that my favorite  pair of black pumps had some ugly scuff marks on them. No idea how it all happened! However, I figured  out an easy way to fix it. Nail polish remover is something I always have in my kitty of cosmetics. I  never thought I could use it to erase the scuff marks on shoes. I tried this simple trick and it worked very well for me, you can try it too. Simply dip a q-tip in a nail polish remover and apply it on the scuff mark. Please test it on a less-obvious area of your shoe first, to make sure it is compatible with the material. This method is very effective with fading the marks on patent leather shoes. For scuff marks on canvas covered footwear, you can mix two tablespoons of baking soda and warm water. Gently  apply the paste on the mark and scrub. Apply more if needed and at the end wipe the paste off with a clean damp cloth and let it dry. You can now confidently wear your favorite pair of  footwear without being conscious of those minor scuffs.

Rich reused old winter boots as plant potters: Rich reused old winter boots as plant  potters: I had an old pair of winter boots, and was trying to figure out what to do with them  rather  than throw them away. After thinking for a while, I came up with the idea to use them as plant potters! First, I cleaned the boots thoroughly. I then applied three coats of acrylic sealer to all the outside surfaces as well as the inside of the with a paint brush. Secondly, I drilled holes about one inch apart in the soles to provide drainage for the pot. I then poured potting soil into the opening of the boots, being sure to use a good organic mix. Finally, I planted some small  plants  and watered them well to evenly moisture the soil. My old winter boots have a new life look really pretty as plant potters!

What Melissa did to reuse old shoes
: My shoe closet is always overfilled with extra shoes. Most of them are shoes that don’t fit my son anymore, he outgrows them so quickly! This time I thought I will give him a cute little surprise by recycling an old shoe. I turned this old pair of  shoe  into a bird nest! I fixed the old shoe to my favorite tree in backyard and let it be for a few days. Just within a few days we saw a sparrow had already started collecting husk and grass into the shoe. Very soon, we got to see some cute little sparrow babies in the nest. By the end of it, I did not let the shoe get wasted and also helped a beautiful creature have a home!

What Poorvi did to give her old shoe a fabulous make-over: A pair of old scuffed black  ballet shoes were lying in my shoe closet. Never threw them away, because they were once my favorite shoes. On a lazy Sunday afternoon I thought why not splash some color on them and make them perfect for spring! I had some pretty lace in my collection of craft items. The creativity  in me sprung up and I quickly got some shoe glue and started work on my shoes. Firstly, I cleaned  up my shoes to make sure no dirt interferes with my craft. Then, I simply spread the glue evenly on the surface of my shoes and firmly attached the lace over it. Luckily, I had enough lace! I left it to dry completely and within the next few hours my new redesigned spring shoes were ready to  be worn. I wore it with my favorite white skirt, and shoes looked lovely!

What John did to fix his favorite work boots: I love my work boots! One day I was wearing them to work and I realized that a slight tear had started on the fabric of the shoe. I came back home after work and quickly fixed them up in a few minutes. Want to know how I did that? Here is how-The first step is to choose an adhesive that is ideal for shoe repairs, shoe goo worked well for me. Shoe repair glues are easy to apply and become effective within 24 hours. Before you begin to repair your shoes, make sure that they are fully clean and dry. Remove any kind of dirt or grease for the glue to work effectively. Now seal the holes or torn area from the inside with a duct tape. Now spread the adhesive and seal the torn area. An easy way to seal the glue around the surface of your shoe is by using an ice cube. The glue will not stick to the ice cube and will evenly flow wherever you want it to. The cold temperature of the ice works well in setting the glue. After the glue has fully dried, remove the piece of duct tape from the inside of the shoe. This is an easy do it yourself method to repair minor wear and tear on your shoe.

Apart from doing fun things with old shoes there are many needy people who require footwear. You can easily donate your old shoes to them. Drop off your old shoes at the nearest donation center. Next time you are about to throw away your old footwear consider using the above tips to recycle your old shoes.



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