Foot Comfort on International Men’s Day

Nov 19th, 2013 by Ken Rahmes | Be The First To Comment

 International Men's Day and Foot Comfort

So you’ve actually heard of International Men’s Day (IMD) and have decided to celebrate the occasion.  You are a Man and this is your day to shine, or, perhaps, be pampered.  As all manly men know, IMD is a time for serious reflection on your place in society.  All those things you contribute throughout the year as role models:  bread winners, husbands, fathers, Brad Pitt look-alikes.  The list of indispensible functions you perform seems endless:  like bringing home (some of) the bacon, coaching the kids soccer team, looking good while helping your significant other shop, keeping the buttons on the TV remote well oiled.  What can be achieved, or not, on this special day will depend at least in part on your footwear.  Because fulfilling your role on this day is so important, we’ve provided some helpful foot-covering pointers.

Dress Shoes for MenDress Shoes for Bread Winners
IMD falls on a Tuesday this year and despite the widely recognized value of men in society, you still have to go to work.  Your boss sees your role as one thing only:  bread winner!  (You win his bread.)  So, whether you’re a doer and spend the day dashing about stocking shelves, processing customers, or canvassing neighborhoods, or a thinker spending the day with your feet on the desk, comfortable good looking shoes will be important.  Orthopedic shoes are the perfect combination of style and comfort.  It’s all about being comfortable and hence more effective on the job while projecting that GQTM look.  Check out some of our orthopedic dress shoes for men.

Slippers for MenHouse Shoes for Husbands
So in honor of International Men’s Day you’ve decided to take the day off and lounge around the house imposing on your wife’s routine.  Or, as the official house-husband, you’re looking forward to another laid back day of soap operas, bell-ringing game shows, agitated talk radio hosts, and laundry.  In either case, you’ll be faced with the many household obstacles apparently determined to frustrate your achievement of manly nirvana.  Whether spending your man time fixing that leaky faucet, taking out the garbage, helping with the dishes, or dragging yourself away from a video game to visit the bathroom, a host of looming pitfalls await your helpless feet.  Protect yourself!  House shoes provide exactly what you need to defend against the many household antagonists waiting to pounce.  Remember, preparation saves the day, so ensure you have the right protective gear before entering the fray on November 19th.

Casual Shoes for MenCasual Shoes for Roommates
Hah!  You keep up on the important news of the day and have decided to take a vacation day Tuesday to celebrate International Men’s Day.  Your roommates, not being nearly as astute, have rushed off to work leaving dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and, well we won’t mention the bathroom.  But, you have slept in, knowing that today there was no agenda, no requirements, no unhappy customers or disappointed bosses.  You can pretty much do whatever you want today.  Maybe you’ll just sit around the apartment watching The View, or play a few hours of your favorite video game.  Maybe even read a book.  Or, perhaps, take a walk down to the local coffee shop and surf the internet over a bagel and coffee.  Sounds like a casual day of nothing in particular.  And what does that call for in footwear?  Casual shoes, of course.  At the our selection of casual men’s shoes is broad with something for every kind of foot.

Athletic Shoes for MenAthletic Shoes for Jocks
Let those other guys discuss their gender roles with their wives and girlfriends.  You want to spend your day working those abs, pecks, quads, and perhaps going for a walk or run.  Fit body, sound mind.  So if you find yourself in the gym grunting out those squats or climbing those stairs to nowhere you’ll want to have the kind of footwear that says “I’m a pro and know what I’m doing.”  After your workout you might want to go for a swim. . . huh, well you won’t need shoes for that.  But, between the gym, the pool, and home you’ll want everyone to know where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.  Nothing says manly like a pair of power athletic shoes.  And it’s not all show.  A good athletic shoe will improve your posture, put a spring in your gait, and add to that endorphin high.  Brooks, New Balance, Spira, and Aetrex are just some of the top brands offering athletic shoes you’ll find at


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