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Jun 15th, 2010 by John Almodovar | 1 Comment So Far

father_sitting_cheering3Fathers live extraordinary lives and if there’s one day out of the year they really look forward to it’s Father’s Day.  Fathers have a tough job – as parents, they literally have to work 24/7 365 days a year because although they clock out when business hours are over, they’re still on the clock when they come home.  Father’s Day is the one day they get to completely take off.  It’s the one day that wives actually say, “Yes dear, you can eat that.” And, “No dear, don’t think about doing lawn work today.”  In some cases Father’s Day equates to spending the entire day in front of the boob tube with a cold beer in one hand, a remote control in the other and hot plate of Buffalo wings on the coffee table.  But what’s even better is the fact that fathers also get presents, which makes this day even more enjoyable – almost as if it was their own personal Christmas or a second birthday. has put together a list of recommended Father’s Day gifts below.  As we all know, not all fathers are the same, but if they all share one thing in common, it’s to have pain-free, comfortable feet on Father’s Day.

sandalsThe Lounger and Pit Master
If your father enjoys relaxing outside on the deck or lounging around poolside, then arch support flip flops and sandals make perfect gift ideas since summer is on the horizon.   Typically, summer is a popular time for backyard get-togethers, and some fathers are avid barbeque junkies who like nothing better to do than to grill to their heart’s content while spending time with friends outdoors.  So why not get your father a pair of healthy arch support sandals so that they can walk from the kitchen to the barbeque pit in comfort.  All the sandals we carry come with anatomically shaped footbeds that offer arch support and heel stabilization.  This provides pronation control and allows lower limbs to be properly aligned.  By having proper arch support and body alignment, fathers will experience less pain caused by stressed ligaments and muscles. Arch support sandals can reduce heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain and back pain.

athletic_shoe_and_stickThe Athlete and Weekend Warrior
Athletic running and walking shoes are always great gift ideas for fathers who are active in sports or who are exercise freaks.  At some point, I’m sure we’ve all met fathers like this; you know the ones who wake up super early in the morning to go for a run, or the ones who join community sports leagues for middle-aged men.  Sports are in their blood and when they’re not at home watching sporting events, they’re outside playing ball with their kids or doing some other type exercise to get in their cardio.  Our athletic running and walking shoes have all the features to keep their active feet healthy. Breathable uppers, cushioning midsoles with arch support, anatomically shaped footbeds that are removable and durable EVA outsoles for longer wear are just some of the features provided by our athletic shoes.  Also, one other notable product for the athletic dad would be The Stick.  This unique device will help him treat muscle pain and trigger points (bumps or knots in the muscles).  As we all know, the older fathers get, the more likely they may experience sore tight muscles.  Not only does The Stick treat sore muscles, but also accelerates muscle recovery.

lounger_slippers The Homebody and Couch Potato
Slippers and house shoes are a definite must for fathers who like nothing better to do than to sprawl out on the couch or lean back on the recliner while watching TV.  These types of fathers usually clad themselves in robes and spend half the day sporting bed hair.  But really, to give the benefit of the doubt here, as mentioned above, fathers work 24/7 365 days a year (minus Father’s Day of course) so sometimes they let themselves go and succumb to a vegetated state in the early morning.  Comfortable house shoes and orthopedic slippers are wonderful gifts to enhance this experience.  Our slippers are more than just comfy – they’re healthy to wear because they come with orthopedic features such as arch support, removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics, memory foam midsoles and durable rubber outsoles.  Some of our slippers are even made with sheepskin, which will keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Businessman and Workaholic
If you happen to have one of these types of fathers, please try to convince them to not work on Father’s Day. This could be a hard thing to do, so you might want to hide their laptops and car keys on this special day.  If that doesn’t work, then your best bet is to shop for men’s orthopedic dress shoes.  Our dress shoes are made with top quality materials and come with healthy features such as breathable leather uppers, firm heel counters, soft padded collars, removable insoles, cushioning midsoles and long-lasting outsoles.  If you father can’t relax at home, at least his feet will feel good at work.

sockSocks for Dad
Besides shoes, healthy socks are great gift ideas because they come with so many features to maintain healthy feet.  Unlike the cheap socks you’ll find at department stores, we carry socks that wick moisture away and combat bacteria and fungi.  Healthy socks can keep feet dry, odor free and safe from athlete’s foot.  We also carry extra wide socks for fathers with wider feet and socks for those suffering with medical conditions such as diabetes and edema.

Dads need Father’s Day.  Let’s face it; fatherhood can take its toll.  Before dads know it, they’re wondering why the hairs on their heads are disappearing and reappearing on their backs, or why they can’t seem to understand the new technologies that teenagers are so easily mastering nowadays.  Fathers deserve a day to re-boot and relax, so why not help them enjoy their special day by giving them the gift of foot comfort.  Fathers deserve it, and so do their feet!


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