Brooks PureProject Collection: Feel More with Less

Sep 6th, 2012 by Jenna Goldberg | Be The First To Comment

Brooks PureProject Collection

Brooks is amplifying the natural-feel running experience with the new PureProject Collection. Respected by both the medical community and hardcore athletes alike, Brooks athletic shoes have always been on the cutting edge of footwear technology, and now the brand is evolving running shoes by adapting the minimalist philosophy in this new collection.

The PureProject Collection focuses on doing more with less, using fewer materials and improving key technologies to enhance the running experience and offer a more natural running feel.  Brooks Running took their esteemed running shoe design, stripped it down and incorporated key technologies to refine the fit and feel in this new line.


Key technologies incorporated into PureProject shoes achieve the lightweight, feel experience. Brooks designed a fit using fewer ma

terials and improved upon the minimal essentials.


Each shoe in the collection is anatomically shaped to form to the foot, offering comfortable support and a better fit. The elastic NAV band also improves the shoe's fit, comfortably hugging the forefoot while you move.


Brooks combined their BioMoGo and DNA technologies to design a hybrid midsole that’s lightweight, cushioning, and eco-friendly. The BioMoGo DNA midsole is super responsive and lightweight, for a natural feel that adapts to the shape of your feet. It's also non-toxic and is made with a natural additive that allows decomposition to occur at a faster rate, reducing your carbon footprint (or carbon midsole in this case.)


Brooks cranked up the style volume- way up. Bright, bold colors and a flexible nav band over the instep take your feet from zero to sixty. The upper is flashy and breathable with reflective detailing.


Spring forward- PureProject shoes are engineered to move contact points forward, improving your stride and delivering a springy return to the ‘ideal heel’ feature which is curved for easy contact point and reduce internal stress.


PureProject Footwear design features increased flexibility at the toe with a midsole-forefoot split to allow the toe to act independently and encourages the runner’s natural gait. You’ll get more power from your push-off with increased forefoot flexibility.


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