Best Slippers for Women

Oct 26th, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | 2 Comments So Far

Read about the signs of wear for slippers and learn about our different types of slippers for women.

Ladies, you know that feeling of wrapping yourself in new, super plush towels hot out of the drier? Or slipping on a brand new, velvety bath robe? It’s a warm and cozy feeling that makes you smile and want to snuggle.

Nobody likes worn-out towels or clothes. They’re not soft and that’s never comfortable. When your towels or clothes become rough and worn-down, you buy new ones. So why would you continue to force your feet into worn-out slippers?

Slippers are a seasonal item because they should be replaced every year. Women, slippers are a treat for our feet – wearing slippers while at home provide time for our shoes to ventilate, as well as provide soothing therapy for our feet to enhance comfort. Also, slippers become covered in bacteria and dead skin cells from bare feet, so buying new slippers every year is simply hygienic.


If you’re unsure if you need new slippers, the following are sure signs of wear:

  • Thread-bare (not a plush feeling or look)
  • Bad smell
  • Memory foam loses integrity
  • Uneven wear on the outsole


Some examples of worn-out slippers:

Slippers for women promote foot health and overall comfort. Wearing worn-down slippers can cause you to slip or they can cause foot fatigue because your foot isn’t being supported the way it shoud be. Uneven wear on the outsole can cause slippage, especially if the outsole is slip-proof or made for the outdoors. Don’t be shy to spoil yourself and buy a pair of our healthy and comfortable slippers for women.

Everyone has unique slipper qualifications, depending on where they live, their foot type and their comfort preferences. If you realize you are in need of new slippers, is the best place to shop for the best slippers for women due to our wide variety of slipper brands and styles.


Sheepskin slippers have their interiors lined with soft, insulating sheepskin that will keep feet warm, while wicking moisture, preventing sweaty feet and foot odor. Sheepskin is also hypoallergenic, which causes fewer allergic reactions than other materials. Our Cloud Nine sheepskin slippers for women include therapeutic wrap styles with semi-surgical openings, along with moccasin, booty and clog styles. Old Friend sheepskin slippers for women include wrap, bootee, moccasin and clog styles. Sure to keep feet warm and cozy, any woman will fall in love with our new sheepskin slippers for women.


If you have flat feet and/or wide feet, finding well-fitting slippers for women could be a challenge for you. Look no further: we have a page of women’s wide slippers. These slippers for women are available in wide widths, to accommodate women with wide feet or even minor edema (foot swelling). Our wide slippers for women include clog and adjustable strap styles, which are all easy to put on/off and all offer forgiving fits. Don’t cram your feet into ill-fitting slippers anymore!


Women with Diabetes or sensitive feet need slippers with removable insoles. These slippers for women are designed with insoles that can be removed and replaced with the wearer’s custom orthotics or arch support insoles to enhance comfort. Our selection of slippers with removable insoles include adjustable strap, booty, moccasin and clog styles of slippers for women.


The best slippers for women have arch support, which will provide support, stability and improve body alignment, in turn reducing aches and fatigue in lower limb joints and muscles. Our large collection of slippers with built-in arch support includes Orthaheel, Comfortrite and Giesswein slippers. These slippers for women are available in clog and adjustable strap styles. You never knew how comfortable you could be until you try on a pair of these arch supporting slippers for women.


Your loved ones in nursing homes would benefit from supportive, warm slippers, as well. Our slippers for women that are great for the elderly include our ever-so-popular Comfortrite Innovator Slipper, which allows open-to-toe, and the Comfortrite Heritage Slipper, which has a wide opening and adjustable strap closure. Acorn Spa Wrap House Slipper is also gentle, adjustable and has a weatherproof, durable outsole. Cloud Nine makes a Heavenly Wrap Closed Toe style and a Heavenly Wrap Open Toe style that can open-to-toe, so both are perfect for elderly women with sensitive feet. These gentle, adjustable slippers for women make amazing gifts for women in nursing homes.

Well-structured, supportive, durable, warm slippers make the perfect holiday gift idea for women of all ages.


2 Comments on “Best Slippers for Women”

  1. Marie said:

    Thank-you for this. I’m going to order 2 (ComfortRite and Coud Nine) for my Mom. She is 97, lives with me, walks fine but balance is easily upset. The slippers with the thick foam kind of sole do not give enough stability. Thought you might like to know.

  2. JennaG said:

    Great Marie! Cloud Nine is one of our most popular brands, can’t get enough! Thank you for your comment.