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Pregnancy Foot Pain Prevention and Care

Jan 11th, 2013 by Jenna Goldberg | Comments Off on Pregnancy Foot Pain Prevention and Care

During pregnancy it’s common for women to experience foot problems they never encountered before. Over-pronation (flat feet) and edema (swelling of feet) often develop during pregnancy. Natural weight gain puts added pressure on the knees and ankles, which can lead to heel pain, arch pain, and ball-of-foot pain. But foot pain and discomfort can be […]

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Food for Feet

Jan 10th, 2013 by Jenna Goldberg | Comments Off on Food for Feet

Foot injuries, swollen feet from uncomfortable dress shoes, pregnancy, and diabetic foot problems can all cause feet to feel tired and uncomfortable. Boost your foot health by incorporating super foods into your diet to fight inflammation and improve circulation in feet. Eat what you like from the foods and herbs mentioned below and don’t worry […]

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After Christmas Sale at

Jan 5th, 2013 by John Almodovar | Comments Off on After Christmas Sale at

Ch guys dating advice ristmas is over, but not the sales.  Take an additional 10% off all Sale and Clearance items at  Use promo code: extra10sale during checkout. Hurry, because our stock is limited and this promotion is only good through midnight January 8, 2013. zp8497586rq

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