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Wide Slippers: Orthopedic Comfort in a Wider Size

Sep 28th, 2010 by John Almodovar | 1

Wide slippers are designed just like normal sized slippers with the exception that they’re wider at the ball of foot area to accommodate bigger sized feet. Wearers who are often in need of wide slippers are either born with wide feet, have certain foot deformities like bunions and hammertoes, or have swollen feet that are […]

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Rome Around In My Shoes

Sep 24th, 2010 by Melissa Kumler | 2

Taking a Vacation? Take These Comfortable Walking Shoes! I  recently took my first trip to Italy. As an owner of an online orthopedic shoe and foot care product store, the first thing that crossed my mind when packing was, “What type of shoes am I going to wear in Italy?” I knew with sightseeing, we would […]

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Comfortable Boots & Comfortable Clogs For Fall 2010

Sep 21st, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | 1

Get the chic Fall styles without the pain! Pain and fashion don’t need to be hand-in-hand. At, we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for great looking shoes. It’s no secret that boots and clogs are the hot shoe trends for Fall 2010. You can find boots of all lengths and clogs […]

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Cloud Nine Sheepskin Seattle Boots: Better Than the Knock Offs

Sep 17th, 2010 by John Almodovar | 1

Guest Blogger: Melissa Hefferman How Sheepskin Lining and Orthopedic Features are Making Cloud Nine Seattle Boots the Boot-Wear of Choice I am ashamed to admit this but for the past few years, every six months like clockwork, I’ve perused the aisles of a certain discount shoe store in search of a new pair of $20-knock-off-ugg-boots […]

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Wondering Which Shoe To Buy? Use Cost Per Wear Analysis

Sep 14th, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | 1

Does the need to be frugal outweigh your comfort standards when shopping? Not sure if it’s cheaper to buy multiple pairs of cheaper shoes compared to buying one pair of expensive shoes? Ever thought: I need to get myself a pair of comfortable shoes? We’ve all been there. There is a formula to help you decide […]

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Healthy Feet: Improving the NFL Experience

Sep 10th, 2010 by John Almodovar | 4

It’s during this time of the year that men (and some women), from all walks of life, from blue collar to white collar, from adolescents to retirees and from west coasters to east coasters, strategically prioritize their lives and schedules to accommodate the all important, 17-week-long NFL season.  The NFL is by far one of […]

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Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks Giveaway

Sep 7th, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | 15

At, you may think we are all about shoes. But quite the contrary – we know that healthy feet need healthy socks. We sell a variety of socks: diabetic socks, work-out socks, extra wide socks, toe separator socks, copper socks and we have recently added baby socks to that long list. We want you […]

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Get Free Shipping This Labor Day Weekend

Sep 3rd, 2010 by Amanda Strouse | Comments Off on Get Free Shipping This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day signifies the end of Summer, the beginning of Football season and respect for workers, which is often displayed through festivals and parades. Labor Day has been celebrated in the United States for more than 120 years. So take it easy – you deserve it! This weekend, the shipping costs are on us. Go […]

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