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Attn Football Fans: Leave the Foot Problems to the Pros!

Aug 31st, 2009 by John Almodovar | 2

The NFL preseason is here and football fans are gearing up for the upcoming 17 week-long regular season filled with last minute winning drives, tough bruising tackles, and unbelievably majestic catches that can rival any professional dance routine.  There can’t be a better time of the year than now because football season gives fans excuses […]

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Kid’s Feet Are Going Back to School

Aug 11th, 2009 by John Almodovar | Comments Off on Kid’s Feet Are Going Back to School

Sorry kids, back to school sales are here and that could mean only one thing – shopping for all the essentials needed for the new school year.  It’s that time again when summer activities come to screeching halt as soon as parents notice the infamous marketing phrase: back to school sale. Unfortunately for kids, this […]

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