Soccer Foot Pain and Injuries

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Kick Soccer Ball Congratulations to Germany; the 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions!! Were you one of the 20 million daily viewers who tuned in to watch the #1 sport in the world? I must admit, I watched a game or two. Surprisingly enough, I’ve never watched the World Cup. So, I had to see for myself what all the hype was about. It was quite interesting to see 22 men on a field, chasing down a ball with their feet, with one goal in mind, winning the World Cup. I watched these men battle it out for 90 highly intense minutes shedding blood, sweat, and tears. It made me wonder, why is this sport so popular? Maybe professional soccer players are willing to sacrifice foot pain for World Cup glory. Most people don’t realize how much pressure professional soccer players put on their feet. It is extremely important that they properly care for and maintain their foot health. I mean, their feet are only worth millions of dollars.

Soccer has a higher injury rate when compared to many other contact and collision sports such as field hockey, rugby, basketball, and football. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 626,600 athletes were injured while playing soccer in 2012. With soccer gaining more and more popularity, the number of soccer related injuries continue to increase.

The most common lower leg and foot injuries associated with playing soccer are:

  1. Abrasions(Scrapes)
  2. Athlete’s Foot
  3. Blisters
  4. Calluses
  5. Contusions(Bruises)
  6. Loss of Toenails
  7. Plantar Fasciitis
  8. Bones Spurs
  9. Plantar Warts
  10. Bruised or Broken Bones

Before an injury most people will experience minor symptoms or ailments, and without proper care those symptoms will turn into something more serious. Taking the necessary steps to prevent an injury before it happens is always recommended. The most common ailments are foot and heel pain. Adding insoles to your cleats can help. If you have a child who complains of heel or foot pain, I recommend Kidzerts because KidZerts Insolesthey offer a full line of children’s insoles that will help eliminate foot pain and give your young soccer player the extra support they need in cleats. Remember to wear socks that will help keep your feet cool and dry, or try using PediFix Funga Soapthe Pedifix FungaSoap when washing your feet after a game to help reduce the risk of athlete’s foot. Make sure your soccer cleats fit properly. Wearing shoes that are too big or too small can cause you to develop calluses or blisters. Also, try using a foot cream, such as Foot Kinetics RunGoo, it will help reduceFoot Kinetics RunGoo friction between the sock and skin minimizing the risk of calluses and blisters. Most of these injuries are minor and can be treated with the foot care products we carry on However, some of the more serious injuries may require that you seek medical attention.

If you have a little one who is a beginner soccer player or if you’re old like me and enjoy a pick-up game every once in a while, remember to take care of your feet and they will take care of you!

KidZerts Videos: Better Foot Care for Children

Jul 22nd, 2014 by John Almodovar | Be The First To Comment

We’re happy to share the news that one of our favorite brands, KidZerts, has recently created a YouTube channel that is live and running. We strongly suggest subscribing to their channel. At the moment, they have various product videos about the type of technology used in their insoles so that children can gain better posture, balance, and body alignment. Check out one of their videos posted above.

Give Dad The Gift Of Healthy Feet On Father’s Day!

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Father's Day "Every kind of shoe for every kind of dad"

Treat dad with healthy feet, it’s his day! You have seen the world sitting upon his shoulders.  It’s your chance to take off his weary load and give him the gift of foot health. Father’s Day is almost here; this is one day your dad gets to completely take off.

 Add comfort to your dad’s feet with some amazing footwear and foot care products from top notch orthopedic brands.  All dads have a unique sense of style and choosing a shoe style can be quite an effort! But you don’t have to worry at all; has “Every kind of shoe for Every kind of dad”. is here to help you tell your dad that you care about his comfort. Use Coupon lovedad14 for $15 off* your purchase of $100 or more! Hurry the offer ends on 6/8/2014!

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Surviving Summer Foot Odor

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Summer is upon us and it’s time to flaunt those pretty feet! One can never get enough of sun soaked skin, flip-flops, sun glasses and pool parties during summer, but keep in mind that feet take a beating during summer and need a little more pampering than what they usually do. It’s not uncommon to experience foot odor during summers. One of the reasons for this is that feet sweat during the warm weather days, as a result of which bacteria get collected in the interiors of the shoe causing the feet to smell. A lot of people switch to wearing flats and open-toed footwear thinking fresh air will keep the bad smell away. Yes this may help but not for long, in the middle of the summer foot odor could come back to haunt you! By keeping your feet and footwear clean, you can keep away from stinking feet. Follow these simple tips and your feet will be ready to go out and kiss the sunshine.

1. Wash your feet regularly: Most people wear flip-flops and flats during summer. Open-toed footwear is definitely comfortable during warm weather days, but along with that comes the risk of your feet coming in contact with different types of bacteria. So, it is important that you wash your feet daily with PedFix Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Soap and dry them completely. Both these foot care products are available at the for an affordable price. Don’t forget to wipe the area between your toes, dampness helps bacteria breed so depriving them of it will keep them away. This way your feet will be free of odor in flip-flops as well as shoes.

2. Keep your footwear clean: Enjoying a warm summer day usually leads to walking around on various surfaces outdoors. This means your feet will sweat more often, resulting in foot odor, and there will be more chances of your footwear collecting bacteria. To get rid of this, make sure you wash them thoroughly on a regular basis throughout the summer. Different types of footwear need different ways of cleaning. For example, to remove the foot odor from sneakers simply sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe and leave it over night and pour it out in the morning. In case of flip-flops and plastic sandals, wash them in lukewarm water with soap. Make sure you clean the edges and toe thongs (If any) thoroughly, these are the primary breeding places for the bacteria. Some footwear are washing-machine friendly, in this case just toss them into the washer and let them air dry.

3. Change Insoles after they are worn out: We all have a favorite pair of shoes which we never want to part ways with, but at times when the insoles gather too much sweat and if they are not washable you have no option left but to dispose them. Well, here’s the good news! sells a variety of orthotic friendly insoles which can be replaced with the present ones. One of my personal favorites is the Piggy Pillows insoles for flip flops. They not only cushion your feet but also keep them dry, as they are made with antimicrobial fabric which makes them perfect for summers. These insoles can be inserted into flip flops, thongs, sandals or shoes.

4. Powder your footwear regularly to prevent the foot odor: Sweat is what causes foot odor, so it’s important to keep your feet dry. Sprinkle your footwear with Odor Control and Antibacterial Foot Powder-On Your Toes available at This is a doctor recommended odor eliminator; it kills the bacteria on your feet and footwear that cause foot odor.

5. Summer foot soaks: Your feet need most pampering during summer. At times, when you hardly have time for an elaborate saloon pedicure home remedies are the best alternatives. A simple lemon foot soak can help you get rid of that bothering foot odor. Take a bowl of water, preferable warm mix it with the juice of one lemon and soak your feet for twenty minutes in it. Now dry your feet thoroughly, fill the juiced lemons with the foot scrub of your choice and use them to buff your heels. Finish this home pedicure with a relaxing foot cream. The Dead Sea Foot Cream from Naot is a therapeutic and hypo-allergenic foot cream, the best thing about this foot cream is the anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil disinfect and prevent cracking and itching.

By following the above listed precautionary measures, you will be able to keep your feet in the best of their health. After all, healthy feet are the foundation for a healthy mind and body! Visit for quality summer foot care products.

Fun Shoe Make-Over Ideas:

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Have your shoes worn out? Think twice before throwing them away, because there could some fun things you can do to reuse them! Getting rid of old shoes may not be the best thing to do, as some shoes are made of materials harmful to the environment. You never know what next happens after dumping them in dumpsters or land-fills. So recycling them would be a good way to go green. You can also redesign old shoes and make them one of a kind without stretching your wallet even a wee bit. Minor scuffs on shoes can be easily repaired at home with minimum effort. Luckily, there are simple ways to fix them and most of them need every day items that you probably already have at home!

Here are a few tips from the employees at to give your footwear a fun makeover. By the way these are some secret tips we came up with only for you; go on and try them!

What Jill did to get rid of those pesky marks on her shoes: 
I realized that my favorite  pair of black pumps had some ugly scuff marks on them. No idea how it all happened! However, I figured  out an easy way to fix it. Nail polish remover is something I always have in my kitty of cosmetics. I  never thought I could use it to erase the scuff marks on shoes. I tried this simple trick and it worked very well for me, you can try it too. Simply dip a q-tip in a nail polish remover and apply it on the scuff mark. Please test it on a less-obvious area of your shoe first, to make sure it is compatible with the material. This method is very effective with fading the marks on patent leather shoes. For scuff marks on canvas covered footwear, you can mix two tablespoons of baking soda and warm water. Gently  apply the paste on the mark and scrub. Apply more if needed and at the end wipe the paste off with a clean damp cloth and let it dry. You can now confidently wear your favorite pair of  footwear without being conscious of those minor scuffs.

Rich reused old winter boots as plant potters: Rich reused old winter boots as plant  potters: I had an old pair of winter boots, and was trying to figure out what to do with them  rather  than throw them away. After thinking for a while, I came up with the idea to use them as plant potters! First, I cleaned the boots thoroughly. I then applied three coats of acrylic sealer to all the outside surfaces as well as the inside of the with a paint brush. Secondly, I drilled holes about one inch apart in the soles to provide drainage for the pot. I then poured potting soil into the opening of the boots, being sure to use a good organic mix. Finally, I planted some small  plants  and watered them well to evenly moisture the soil. My old winter boots have a new life look really pretty as plant potters!

What Melissa did to reuse old shoes
: My shoe closet is always overfilled with extra shoes. Most of them are shoes that don’t fit my son anymore, he outgrows them so quickly! This time I thought I will give him a cute little surprise by recycling an old shoe. I turned this old pair of  shoe  into a bird nest! I fixed the old shoe to my favorite tree in backyard and let it be for a few days. Just within a few days we saw a sparrow had already started collecting husk and grass into the shoe. Very soon, we got to see some cute little sparrow babies in the nest. By the end of it, I did not let the shoe get wasted and also helped a beautiful creature have a home!

What Poorvi did to give her old shoe a fabulous make-over: A pair of old scuffed black  ballet shoes were lying in my shoe closet. Never threw them away, because they were once my favorite shoes. On a lazy Sunday afternoon I thought why not splash some color on them and make them perfect for spring! I had some pretty lace in my collection of craft items. The creativity  in me sprung up and I quickly got some shoe glue and started work on my shoes. Firstly, I cleaned  up my shoes to make sure no dirt interferes with my craft. Then, I simply spread the glue evenly on the surface of my shoes and firmly attached the lace over it. Luckily, I had enough lace! I left it to dry completely and within the next few hours my new redesigned spring shoes were ready to  be worn. I wore it with my favorite white skirt, and shoes looked lovely!

What John did to fix his favorite work boots: I love my work boots! One day I was wearing them to work and I realized that a slight tear had started on the fabric of the shoe. I came back home after work and quickly fixed them up in a few minutes. Want to know how I did that? Here is how-The first step is to choose an adhesive that is ideal for shoe repairs, shoe goo worked well for me. Shoe repair glues are easy to apply and become effective within 24 hours. Before you begin to repair your shoes, make sure that they are fully clean and dry. Remove any kind of dirt or grease for the glue to work effectively. Now seal the holes or torn area from the inside with a duct tape. Now spread the adhesive and seal the torn area. An easy way to seal the glue around the surface of your shoe is by using an ice cube. The glue will not stick to the ice cube and will evenly flow wherever you want it to. The cold temperature of the ice works well in setting the glue. After the glue has fully dried, remove the piece of duct tape from the inside of the shoe. This is an easy do it yourself method to repair minor wear and tear on your shoe.

Apart from doing fun things with old shoes there are many needy people who require footwear. You can easily donate your old shoes to them. Drop off your old shoes at the nearest donation center. Next time you are about to throw away your old footwear consider using the above tips to recycle your old shoes.


May the 4th be with You: Happy Star Wars Day 2014

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Have you ever heard of the Darth Valley Challenge? I couldn’t believe it until I a saw the video.  Apparently Jon Rice, a Star Wars fan, has been running a mile in Death Valley on the hottest day of the year – something he’s been doing since 2010. We’re talking about running a mile wearing a costume in temperatures that reach up to 129°F or more, which obviously is a dangerous thing to do and why we at and Jon Rice himself do not recommend trying this at home.

You can read more about it at the Darth Valley Challenge website where Jon Rice mentions, “If you’re as crazy as us – and your doctor allows it – then you could join us for next year’s utterly ridiculous run!”

Ridiculous indeed. I’ll leave the hot desert climate to the Storm Troopers stationed at Tatooine (most Star Wars fans will know what I mean, but for those of you who don’t follow, it’s where Luke and Anakin Skywalker lived before becoming Jedi knights).

Oh, and one more reminder – we at do not recommend trying the Darth Valley Challenge or any other activities that are remotely similar. Stay healthy everyone and May the 4th be with you!

Mother’s Day is Around the Corner – Get $20 off $100 + Free Shipping Now

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She is everyone’s first and greatest love. Her sunshine like smile gives you courage and makes you stronger. No one else will ever know you as much as her, because she is the only one who knows what your heart sounds like from the inside!  Wondering who this superwoman is? She is your mother, a loveliest person in the world.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, your mom has been on her toes all this while; give her the gift of healthy feet. Treat her feet with some amazing footwear and soothing foot care products.

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Candy is Yummy but Free Shipping is Better

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Happy Easter everyone! Chocolate eggs are fun, but what will make this Easter merrier is the FREE Shipping offered by on all orders during the Easter weekend.While kids hunt for Easter eggs, you can take a look at some exquisite footwear styles and foot care products for spring. Attractive sandals, soothing foot care products and even nail polish, no matter what you pick, your order ships for free!

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5 Sandals That May Fool You!

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Don’t get fooled by the façade of high-heeled fashionable sandals! There is a general perception that heels may look good, but they are bad for the feet. This may not be true with all heeled sandals or wedges. A lot of people suffer from feet and back pain after wearing heels, have you ever wondered why this happens? It is because humans are meant to walk heel-to-toe, some high heeled sandals alter this position of the foot, further leading to foot fatigue and joint pain. That is why, it is vital to make a well- informed choice while picking heeled footwear. There are a few brands that offer stylish footwear with exemplary healthy features. You don’t necessarily need to give up on your love for towering foot bling. Only a few top notch brands offer foot friendly fashion heels.

We at have cherry picked some of the healthiest eye-catching footwear only for you! Read on to find out about- heeled sandals and wedges that are good for your feet.

vionic-grenada-200The Vionic Grenada- Women’s Arch Support Sandal: It may seem like a high-heeled wedge that can give you a back ache, but it is not true. The Vionic Grenada- Women’s Arch Support Sandal is one of a kind wedge sandal with exceptional chic appeal and orthaheel technology. What makes this sandal unique is the micro-fiber-covered footbed with metatarsal raise. This feature helps you firmly place your feet without any slippage, preventing over pronation. Plus, you will notice that it comes with a natural raffia-wrapped wedge with welted detailing and stability to not just your foot but also to the lower joints of your body. Most people get foot, ankle and back ache after wearing heeled footwear, this is because of poor arch support. The Vionic Grenada comes with a biochemically designed footbed that aligns your lower joints and alleviates foot, heel and back pain. Match this sandal with a pair of denims or a chic short skirt; we are sure you will be the bell of the ball!

Afrodita-Fishnet The Naot Afrodita- Women’s heel sandal: If you are looking for a dress sandal with intricate design and elegant style, then the Naot Afrodita is the one for you! What sets this delicate dress sandal apart is its handmade anatomically designed footbed with top quality raw materials. This footbed provides exceptional arch support and safely places your feet on the sandal preventing excessive pronation. Inspired by the avant-garde art, this sandal comes with an elevated footbed center which minimizes the pressure in the joints of the central part of the foot and avoids any foot and back ache. In addition to all of this, the design also offers a TPR sole with a metal shank for added foot stability. Experts suggest that, heels can lead to foot conditions like Achilles tendonitis and Arthritis over time due to increased strain on the foot. With the Naot Afrodita there are lesser chances of developing any such foot problems, because the design of the sandal is anatomically shaped to meet all your foot care needs. The Naot Afrodita sandal is a dressy sandal with rare medical benefits.

Naot-vogue The Naot Vogue- Women’s Sandal: Lift up your spirits with the Naot Vogue women’s sandal. You will be amazed to know about the number of health benefits this sandal provides. The outer design of the sandal is decorated with multi-color contrasting leathers, rivet accents and unique cut-out designs. All these ornate styling is coupled with a gore at the instep with hook and loop adjustability at the ankle to safely secure your feet. The design also includes a superior quality footbed wrapped in pampering soft leather to allow you to take easy and natural steps. The footbed also has arch support, a heel cup and an elevated footbed center to prevent over-pronation. You will be able to walk confidently with a perfect posture to go with your dressy attire.

Spring-Step-AbigailThe Spring Step Abigail- Women’s Sling Back Sandal: We have already stepped into the most special season of the year-spring! There is no fun in the spring without having some perky sandals on your feet. The spring step Abigail women’s sandals come with nubuck leather upper in a wedge sandal style with a round, open toe. You will surely fall in love with the cutout detail at the vamp, coupled with the heel sling strap with an adjustable buckle for a customized fit. The upper comes with an interesting combination of a detailed design that also allows breathability and prevents sweaty feet. The fully padded insole provides outstanding comfort to your feet. Two most important feature of that make this sandal a good heel sandal are stability and arch support. As a result of exceptional arch support your feet and back will not hurt as much they would otherwise in a heel sandal without therapeutic benefits. So, get into the Spring Step Abigail, women’s sandal and conquer the spring!

softwalk-adjustable Softwalk Carson- Women’s Adjustable Sandal: Add some pizzazz to your footwear collection with this fashionable sandal with unparalleled health benefits. Carson offers a trendy leather and cork look with soft suede leather upper. The adjustable buckle around the heel adds an element of style and ease of adjustability. What’s best about this sandal is its patented eggcrate footbed. The footbed is the most vital features of any heel sandal, what your feet need is good cushioning to keep your feet comfortable all-day long. In addition to the therapeutic footbed, this sandal offers a a slip resistant textured rubber sole for added traction. The Softwalk- Carson Women’s Adjustable Sandal is sophisticated looking and makes your attire look fashionable.

So, now you know what kind of heeled sandals to go for! Picking healthy footwear is definitely the key to avoiding foot problems, but you need not be skeptical of every heeled sandal you come across. It is important to evaluate the characteristics and features of the high-heeled sandals you want to buy. The heeled sandal you buy must have the right footbed, arch support, stability, and shock absorption features. Visit to shop for healthy fashionable footwear!

Fit, Fashion, Comfort + Free Shipping on New Softwalk Footwear

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Softwalk Footwear-Free Shipping

 It’s Spring fever! is offering free shipping on the latest collection of Softwalk sandals.  These sandals come in a variety of sizes and widths; it’s really easy to find the perfect fit. Additonally, the new Softwalk sandals are therapeutically designed to accommodate foot conditions like bunions, swollen joints and arthritis.

Add some fashionable healthy sandal styles to your spring footwear collection with the new Softwalk sandals. See what’s new on to find a perfect fit and absolute comfort for your feet.

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